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In the embers of Scotland's hate crime bill debate, a new culture war issue has flared up... wood-burning stoves.

New legislation from the Scottish Government has ignited controversy after social media posts claimed that wood burners were now banned.

Although we don't want to fan the flames of anger, The Ferret has fact-checked the claim fuelling this topic.

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Story of the week
An in-depth look at a Ferret investigation
Ineos has been branded as ‘greedy’ for taking over £400,000 in Scottish taxpayer ‘handouts’ months after the firm announced it was closing the Grangemouth oil refinery – a move that could cost hundreds of jobs.

The Scottish Government’s business agency, Scottish Enterprise, told The Ferret it paid £428,000 to Jim Ratcliffe’s firm for work at Grangemouth in March.

The payment was made four months after Petroineos – a joint venture between Ineos and Chinese state-owned firm PetroChina – announced the looming closure of its oil refinery at Grangemouth.

What did we dig up this week?
A round up of our investigations in the last seven days
Aberdeen University condemns Israel’s ‘systematic destruction of Palestinian educational institutions’
The university’s senate has also condemned the “censorship of expressions of solidarity” with Palestine.
Farming and forestry pollution sees hundreds of waterways downgraded
Endangered species are being put at risk by pollution from farming and forestry industries, which has led to poorer quality in hundreds of Scottish waterways.
Far right group aimed to recruit Erskine locals over asylum seekers
A far right group behind anti-asylum seekers protests in Erskine was trying to recruit “disgruntled locals,” according to a police intelligence report.
What does Scotland’s new hate crime change?
Scotland’s new hate crime bill has been extremely controversial, with critics lambasting the law for perceived restrictions on freedom of speech and expression.
Claim Scottish Government has banned wood-burning stoves is Half True
This week, claims about a change to rules around wood-burning stoves went viral on social media.
Question of the Week
Should wood-burning stoves be banned in new buildings?
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Best of the rest
Investigations we've enjoyed from around the world
Cheap coal, cheap workers, Chinese money: Indonesia’s nickel success comes at a price
Jakarta hopes the industry is the ticket to becoming a developed nation. But there are fears the toll on the environment – and lives – will be too high. (Guardian)
Santander weakened fossil fuel policy after raising billions for gas projects
Santander exploited loopholes in its own climate policy in order to help raise billions for facilities relying on fracked US gas. (The Bureau)
Former Post Office boss Paula Vennells accused of misleading government
A letter, from March 2015, showed the former Post Office boss claiming there was no evidence sub-postmasters had been wrongfully convicted. (ITV News)
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