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We are positively podcast packed at The Ferret these days.

This week, we have released the latest episode of our Sheku Bayoh series, and our regular For Fact's Sake misinformation podcast is coming today!

Next week, we launch a brand new podcast series, The Ferret Investigates.

It begins with a three-part special on Scotland's health gap, which is the final part of our year-long project with Greater Govanhill magazine called Mind the Health Gap. You can read all our previous pieces here.

And if you're not into podcasts, we still have our usual selection of stories for your perusal.
Story of the week
An in-depth look at a Ferret investigation
Physiologically speaking, the human heart is the body’s engine room, pumping blood and oxygen around the body. It contracts with a regular rhythm and a steady beat from the second we are born to the moment we die. That mechanism runs on repeat, contracting, pumping, carrying, returning. Until – sometimes suddenly – it stops.

Sheku Bayoh lost consciousness on the morning of Sunday, 3 May, 2015, after he had been restrained by police for about eight minutes.

He went into cardiac arrest in the ambulance. At Kirkcaldy’s Victoria Hospital, the medical team tried to resuscitate him until he was pronounced dead at 9:04am.
What did we dig up this week?
A round up of our investigations in the last seven days
Group labelled ‘astroturfing front’ for US golf developers
A community group bidding to create a golf course has been dubbed an “astroturfing front” for sharing an address with US developers tipped to build it.
Claim Patrick Harvie said industry must die is False
A fictionalised video portraying first minister Humza Yousaf and Green minister Patrick Harvie being rated by the investors in Dragon’s Den has gone viral.
Over 100 security incidents at MoD nuclear weapons body
An arm of the Ministry of Defence which oversees the UK’s nuclear weapons programme has refused to release details of over 100 security incidents it logged.
‘National embarrassment’: famous footpath stays closed
A Scottish Government agency has again delayed plans to re-open a famous and popular footpath in Edinburgh, prompting angry denunciations from walkers.
UK privacy watchdog confirms Threads app probe
The UK Information Commissioner is probing data protection concerns with the Threads social networking app from Meta, the company behind Facebook.
New woodland creation falls to lowest level in five years
The area of new woodland being created in Scotland has fallen to its lowest level in five years, a new analysis by The Ferret has found.
Corran ferry: Community councils say issues causing depopulation
Six Highland community councils have united to pressure the local authority to fix long standing issues at a ferry crossing which they claim are causing an exodus.
Question of the Week
Should the MoD be more transparent over nuclear security incidents?
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Best of the rest
Investigations we've enjoyed from around the world
Trafficking survivors and advocates are being harassed by ‘Sound of Freedom’ fans
Survivor leaders in the anti-trafficking movement are attempting to confront the issues around the film – and facing a hail of invective in the process. (Vice)
Cops share dozens of photos of dead bodies and crime scenes
UK police officers have shared dozens of unauthorised photos of dead bodies and crime scenes on messaging services such as WhatsApp. (openDemocracy)
Who are key figures in scandal surrounding rogue NHS Tayside surgeon?
A decade after the disgraced doctor's suspension, the search for answers continues for his victims. (Courier)
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