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Have you ever wondered who truly holds the reins in Scotland? The power players behind closed doors, and the influencers shaping decisions that impact us all?

In 2021, The Ferret tackled some of these questions in our ‘Who Runs Scotland’ series. This project didn’t just set the agenda; it prompted questions in the Scottish Parliament, featured in prominent media outlets, and sparked debates in civil society. It even won an award at the 2022 Scottish Press Awards.

As a UK election looms and political landscapes shift, we’re gearing up for an eventful year and we want to make ‘Who Runs Scotland’ an ongoing strand of our work.

But to do so, we need your help. This week, we launched our new crowdfunding campaign, and the response has been amazing.

Since we first began nearly ten years ago, our members and readers have shaped our journalism, and enabled us to tackle the biggest issues in Scotland.

Every contribution makes a difference, whether its a donation or sharing it with your friends and family.

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Story of the week
An in-depth look at a Ferret investigation
Security staff at Edinburgh University have been accused of “intimidating” student protestors by threatening to use Wi-Fi data to identify them and “damage their careers”.

At a trans-rights protest last October, campus security allegedly told students occupying a lecture theatre that a Wi-Fi service called eduroam would be used to identify them.

Eduroam is a free, global WiFi service for university staff and students which can be used at academic institutions around the world.

In “exceptional circumstances” Edinburgh University can use the WiFi data for internal investigations, a freedom of information request has now revealed.

What did we dig up this week?
A round up of our investigations in the last seven days
Far right ‘terrorist’ and ‘racist’ posts broke rules, election watchdog staff claimed
Senior figures in the far right Homeland party allegedly broke their own code of conduct by sharing “terrorist literature” and “antisemitic and racist” content.
Question of the Week
Should universities be able to use Wi-Fi data to target protestors?
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Best of the rest
Investigations we've enjoyed from around the world
‘Threadbare’ NHS maternity care will lead to tragic consequences, health experts warn
Donna Ockenden, who led a review of maternity care failings, described the support available as a ‘house of cards’. (Independent)
Met Gala AI images of Katy Perry and Rihanna show relentless spread of AI junk
AI-generated images of Katy Perry and Rihanna show them in beautiful gowns at the Gala, which they both did not attend. (404 Media)
From gun gear to prosthetic leg covers, volunteers boost Ukraine’s army
As Russia’s war rages, thousands of Ukrainians are using innovative technology to support the military and injured veterans. (Al Jazeera)
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