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Tuesday marked St. George's Day, the annual celebration of the patron saint of England, Georgia, Portugal, Russia and Catalonia.

Now everyone has different ways of honouring this venerable figure. In Catalonia, the day is honoured through the exchange of flowers and books, while in Bulgaria, feasting and parades mark St George.

In London this year, some people took a different approach, and celebrated their patron saint by brawling with police officers.

Not quite so traditional.

No such displays of violence were recorded on National Ferret Day on 2 April, so we feel we have the moral high ground here.
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An in-depth look at a Ferret investigation
A fossil fuel giant awarded new North Sea oil licences by the UK Government has links to an Israeli company which has been supplying fuel to the IDF.

Vehicles belonging to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) can refuel at hundreds of petrol stations owned by Delek Israel, under a contract agreed in 2020.

Delek Israel is part-owned by Israeli energy conglomerate, Delek Group, which also owns the Aberdeen-headquartered oil company, Ithaca Energy. Delek describes Ithaca as its “operational arm” in the North Sea.

What did we dig up this week?
A round up of our investigations in the last seven days
Podcast teaser: What impact can a safer drug consumption facility have?
With the UK’s first safer drug consumption facility due to open in Glasgow, The Ferret visited the Mosspark Treatment and Consumption Service in Toronto.
Scottish Government climate partner challenged over dirty investments
A partner in the Scottish Government’s climate plans could be stripped of its ethical company status for allegedly “misrepresenting” its investments in fossil fuels.
What's on at The Ferret?
The latest news from Scotland's investigative journalism co-op

Join us for our second 'Open House' event in conjunction with Greater Govanhill magazine at The Community Newsroom in Glasgow
. The topic is: Food Insecurity.

More people than ever are reliant on food banks, not only in Glasgow but right across Scotland. What’s more, the cost-of-living crisis means fewer donations, leading to food shortages and crisis situations. But it was never meant to be like this - food banks started as an emergency measure, not a solution in themselves.

Do you have a story you’d like to share about food insecurity? Maybe it’s direct experience or you could be working with an organisation, or your community, to make things better. Do you have ideas about how the media should be telling the story better? Or you might just want to hear what others think.

Join us on Friday 26 April. All are welcome and it’s free but please click the link and sign up for a ticket as numbers are limited.

Question of the Week
Have you been affected by food insecurity during the cost-of-living crisis?
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Best of the rest
Investigations we've enjoyed from around the world
From low-level drug dealer to human trafficker: are modern slavery laws catching the wrong people?
When armed police burst through his front door in Tottenham, north London, at 5am in September 2014, Glodi Wabelua knew things looked bad. (Guardian)
From America with cash: Right-wing groups want to end abortion in the UK
A right-wing political and media ecosystem pushing a US-style anti-abortion agenda is gaining traction in the UK. (Open Democracy)
He emptied an entire cryptocurrency exchange onto a thumb drive. Then he disappeared
Faruk Özer just started a 11,196-year jail sentence. Did he almost get away with the biggest heist in Turkey’s history, or was it all just a big misunderstanding? (Wired)
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