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We have an exciting announcement for our Ferret Underground members.

Next week, The Ferret is launching its first fact-checking series, Scotland and the Climate Crisis.

From Tuesday 18 July, we will be publishing a series of fact-checks, explainers and multimedia content focusing on misinformation around climate change.

This series was suggested by our members, and all the content is informed by what you said and wanted to know about climate change in Scotland.

Hopefully we have answered some of your questions.
Story of the week
An in-depth look at a Ferret investigation
An Edinburgh financial giant’s investments in 20 firms indirectly caused nearly five million tonnes of climate pollution in 2022 — significantly more than the amount produced annually at Grangemouth, Scotland’s dirtiest industrial site.

Asset manager, Abrdn – known as Standard Life Aberdeen until 2021 – has stakes in some of the world’s biggest polluters including the oil multinationals Shell and BP, German coal firm, RWE, and global mining companies, Glencore and Rio Tinto.

Abrdn’s investments in the 20 highest polluting companies in its portfolio resulted in the equivalent of 4.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) entering the atmosphere in 2022.
What did we dig up this week?
A round up of our investigations in the last seven days
UK regulator failed to publish sea pollution report because expert retired
A UK government regulator has failed to publish a key survey of oil and chemical spills in British seas for three years because the expert who compiled it retired.
Scotland’s Far Right: A timeline
Ahead of Spain’s general election next week, The Ferret looks back at our own coverage of the far right in Scotland.
Former Thatcher aide behind campaign to prevent ban on electric shock collars for dogs
Ian Gregory's PR firm, AZ Advice, created Facebook pages encouraging people to sign a letter urging politicians to resist calls for a ban on electric shock collars.
Alarm at Shetland spaceport climate pollution
Plans to launch rockets into space from the north of Shetland are facing allegations they could increase climate pollution by disrupting thousands of flights a year.
Question of the Week
Are you concerned about environmental monitoring standards in the UK?
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For Fact's Sake
Our misinformation and fact-checking podcast

Images and videos of the unrest in France have dominated international news in recent weeks.

But many of the claims shared on social media about the protest have been false and deliberately misleading.

Ali and Paul spoke to Sam Doak, fact checker at Logically Facts, about how and why this disinformation is being spread by far-right activists in the UK.

Best of the rest
Investigations we've enjoyed from around the world
‘I believe this war will destroy Sudan’: the coup protesters now on the run
Photographer Arthur Larie tracks down the Sudanese coup protestors now on the run after war broke out in the country. (Guardian)
Former Russian submarine commander gunned down on his morning run
Stanislav Rzhitsky was reportedly shot while jogging in Krasnodar. He’s been blamed for a missile strike that killed 27 civilians in Ukraine. (Vice News)
Greek coastguard 'pressured' disaster survivors to blame Egyptian men
New evidence casts doubt on the Greek coastguard's version of events on last month's deadly migrant boat sinking, in which up to 600 people died. (BBC News)
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