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Next week at The Ferret we release the latest episode of our special podcast series - Sheku: The Inquiry - which looks at the public probe into the death of Sheku Bayoh in 2015.

In this new episode we examine the evidence from Sheku's post-mortem, but find even that is open to disagreement and interpretation.

The series is presented by Ferret journalist Karin Goodwin and Tomiwa Folorunso, and produced by Halina Rifai.

There have been five episodes released so far, and we are the only podcast tracking the evidence as the inquiry continues. Check out our previous episodes here, and look out on Monday 28th August for episode six.
Story of the week
An in-depth look at a Ferret investigation
“The things I’ve seen…” Laura – script gripped in one hand, her other on her hip – delivers her line with convincing knowingness.

That her performance has such authority should be no surprise. It’s drama night at Simon Community Scotland’s We See You project, and she and other participants taking part in this rehearsed reading of their play, about the homeless hotel system in the city, have got plenty of experience to draw on.

This seven-day-a week, out-of-hours Simon Community service launched last summer, aimed at keeping homeless people using drugs and based in Glasgow’s city centre, safe from harm.
What did we dig up this week?
A round up of our investigations in the last seven days
‘Pure Greenwash’: Scottish Rugby criticised over fossil fuel sponsor
The multinational owner of Scottish rugby’s new “green” sponsor drills for oil and gas and has backed fracking, prompting accusations of greenwashing.
Just two communities bid for right to buy neglected land in five years
Just two communities have applied to take neglected land into public ownership since the Scottish Government launched the initiative more than five years ago.
Animal snares to be banned in Scotland
The use of snares for catching animals is to be banned by the Scottish Government after years of campaigning by animal welfare groups.
Evidence of scallop dredging found inside Orkney marine protected area
The discovery prompted calls for the Scottish Government to “urgently deliver” on its promise to better regulate coastal waters.
For Fact's Sake
Our misinformation and fact-checking podcast

Why do women footballers still face so much abuse online?

As the World Cup reached its climax last weekend, For Fact’s Sake podcast looked at the abuse that some women footballers face online.

We spoke to Dr Beth Fielding-Lloyd from Sheffield Hallam University, an expert on women’s sport and its representations in media.

She explained how abuse suffered by women footballers differs from men, how certain ‘trigger’ events can lead to misogynistic pile-ons, and why myths and misinformation about women’s sport stoke the hateful abuse that athletes and pundits face.

Question of the Week
Should the Scottish Government do more to promote community land ownership?
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Best of the rest
Investigations we've enjoyed from around the world
Tropical forests face ‘massive leaf death’ from global heating, study finds
Some kinds of tree leaves could become too hot to be able to conduct photosynthesis, researchers warn. (Guardian)
The impossible fight to stop Canada’s wildfires
Tens of thousands of people have been displaced, with millions more choking on toxic wildfire smoke. Next summer could be far worse. (Wired)
Elon Musk’s shadow rule
How the US government came to rely on the tech billionaire — and is now struggling to rein him in. (New Yorker)
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