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There are certain titans of industry that the UK relies on for economic and emotional wellbeing.

So the news that Greggs shops had been affected by a payment problem on Wednesday will have shocked many readers to their core.

And they're not the first sustenance supplier to face technical issues in recent days, with Sainsbury's and McDonalds both suffering technical issues that stopped orders.

Time to start stockpiling sausage rolls for the inevitable breakdown of society? In this newsletter's opinion: Yes.
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Story of the week
An in-depth look at a Ferret investigation
At least five traumatised asylum seekers living in Scottish hotels while awaiting progress on their refugee claims have attempted suicide in recent months, The Ferret has learned.

In the latest incident, police were called after a young man who had been living for many months in the Mutha Glasgow River hotel, in Erskine, made an attempt on his own life. The hotel has been the focus of protests by far right groups.

Scottish Refugee Council also told a Scottish Parliament committee that a “frontline professional” at another hotel had reported four suicide attempts by asylum seekers in recent months.

What did we dig up this week?
A round up of our investigations in the last seven days
Far right figure who targeted Elgin registers political party
Alek Yerbury’s National Rebirth Party was authorised by the elections watchdog on 28 February to field candidates in Scotland, England and Wales.
Employers in Scotland fined £9.4m for health and safety violations
Oil, whisky, and construction firms are among those fined a collective £9.4m in recent years for poor health and safety measures.
Patriotic Alternative accused of promoting ‘neo-Nazi’ ideology by Michael Gove
A far right group exposed as having links to neo-Nazis three years ago will be assessed under the UK Government’s new definition of extremism.
Safety fears over drug residues in grouse after watchdog fails to test Scottish birds
Without proper monitoring or research critics fear that drug residues may damage the environment or find their way into the human food chain.
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Best of the rest
Investigations we've enjoyed from around the world
Jet-setters, partygoers and double-jobbers: Who’s given what to MPs in 2024
A closer look at the hospitality, gifts and donations received by Labour and Conservatives so far this year. (Open Democracy)
Gaza's trees disappear, showing a humanitarian crisis
While Gaza’s environment is a cause for concern for ecologists, the territory’s flora can also show a great deal about its desperate humanitarian situation. (Bellingcat)
UN has flown more than $2.9bn in cash to Afghanistan since the Taliban seized power
A new federal report indicates that US taxpayer money ended up in Taliban-controlled bank of Afghanistan. (ProPublica)
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