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So it turns out the King has been crowned again... this time in Scotland.

On Wednesday, King Charles travelled up to Edinburgh to receive the Scottish crown jewels - a sword, sceptre and the crown worn by Mary Queen of Scots in 1543.

Good for him to finally get a bit of attention and pageantry in what has been a low-key year for the monarchy.

As the Ferret is a non-hierarchical co-operative, our crown jewels are our excellent journalists who have produced stories on such topics as spycops, Pippa Middleton's family estate, freedom of information and Mhairi Black this week.
Story of the week
An in-depth look at a Ferret investigation
Undercover operations by so-called spycops to infiltrate Scottish anti-nuclear groups were not justified, an independent inquiry has concluded.

Retired judge Sir John Mitting has been leading the undercover policing inquiry, established in 2014 to examine the operations of police spies over more than four decades after revelations about their misconduct.

Undercover officers, aka spycops, infiltrated campaign groups using dead children’s identities. Some had sexual relations with women they were spying on and at least three officers fathered children with campaigners.
What did we dig up this week?
A round up of our investigations in the last seven days
Poor children at higher risk of exclusion from school than affluent pupils
Students aged between five and 12 years old from deprived areas are more likely to be excluded from school than children from more affluent areas.
Revealed: Just 44 King’s coronation street parties held in Scotland
Republican politicians and campaigners claimed this was evidence that the monarchy is “archaic, antiquated and increasingly irrelevant” in Scotland.
Revealed: Lothian Pension Fund’s hidden stake in firm piping Russian gas
Lothian Pension Fund has a hidden stake in a firm which runs coal power plants and controls part of a major pipeline transporting Russian gas to Europe.
Glen Affric: Pippa Middleton’s family estate urged to stop deterring access
A Highland sporting estate owned by the billionaire family of Kate Middleton’s sister has been urged to stop trying to deter public access at a famous loch.
New freedom of information tsar under fire on FoI abuse claim
David Hamilton, former chair of the Scottish Police Federation, previously accused the media of FoI “abuse” to produce “crud” about the police.
Claim Scottish Parliament has no borrowing powers is False
During a Question Time debate, Black suggested that Scotland lacked borrowing powers to make policy decisions that improve the lives of those who live here.
Question of the Week
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Best of the rest
Investigations we've enjoyed from around the world
Islamophobia and anti-immigrant sentiment dominate misinformation around France violence
This unrest has propelled misinformation on social media with hashtags like #FranceOnFire and #FranceHasFallen gaining significant traction. (Logically)
Charity loophole lets US donors give far-right groups $272m in secret
Nine-month investigation reveals opaque flow of cash to groups including Alliance Defending Freedom. (openDemocracy)
The Colorado River flooded Chemehuevi land. Decades later, the tribe still struggles to take its share of water.
The Chemehuevi’s reservation fronts about 30 miles of the Colorado River, yet 97 per cent of the tribe’s water stays in the river. (ProPublica)
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