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It's only March, but I think the news event of the year award has already been decided.

In these times of division and strife, it took Kate Middleton's photoshop disaster to really bring the country together.

Amateur online sleuths are positing all sorts of insane theories about what happened, and while this newsletter does not indulge in conspiracy thinking, we have enjoyed the ride.

For news you can trust, stick with us.
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Story of the week
An in-depth look at a Ferret investigation
A psychic healer, previously convicted for claiming he can cure cancer, is holding an event in Edinburgh which he claims will “transform lives” and mean people will no longer suffer “disease, injury, illness, anxiety, bad habits or worries”.

Critics claim the two-day event – promoted by Star Magic Healing and costing almost £900 – could be putting seriously ill and vulnerable people at risk.

The founder of Star Magic Healing, Jerry Sargeant, claims to have discovered his gift for healing after being in a car crash. He told The Ferret he is a “facilitator, empowering people to do their own healing” and would “never recommend that people cease medical treatment”.

He insisted neither he or his organisations were making claims of curing cancer.

What did we dig up this week?
A round up of our investigations in the last seven days
Energy giants and short term lets lobbyists attended ‘shadowy’ Labour business event
Scottish Labour faced criticism after it reportedly barred the press from a ‘business forum’ at its conference in Glasgow last month.
Two Scottish care workers struck off every week
Almost 300 workers caring for some of Scotland’s most vulnerable people have been struck off in the last three years, equivalent to almost two every week.
Probe demanded into ‘inadequate’ protection of wild salmon
Sepa could be facing an official investigation into allegations that it has failed to prevent sea lice escaping from fish farms and killing wild salmon.
New hopes to reverse island depopulation as school saved from closure
Argyll and Bute Council has decided against shutting the only primary school on the island of Luing for good.
Question of the Week
Should Scottish Labour be more transparent about its links with big business?
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Best of the rest
Investigations we've enjoyed from around the world
Rape and sexual harassment reported by foreign care workers across UK
Multiple cases of abuse have been documented, but many staff feel ‘powerless to complain’ for fear of losing the right to work in the country. (Guardian)
Princess of Wales: How might have Kate's photo been altered?
A photo of Kate Middleton was pulled by several major photo agencies over concerns the image was "manipulated". (BBC Verify)
Middlemen push up prices as Gazans struggle to survive
Gaza’s 2.3 million people are facing acute food shortages and half a million people there face “catastrophic levels of deprivation and starvation”. (OCCRP)
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