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Struggling with the misinformation, confusion and downright weirdness of this election?

The Ferret has you covered. Our election coverage has already started, with investigations, fact-checks and a brand new PODCAST!

That's right, the first For Fact's Sake Election Cast dropped yesterday, and will continue every Wednesday during the campaign until the vote, taking you through the murky waters of misinformation, fact-checking and the culture war.

Our first episode covered North Sea jobs, the LEZ, and Rishi's questionable Labour tax claim.

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Story of the week
An in-depth look at a Ferret investigation
The SNP has been accused of spreading ‘misinformation’ over its key election claim that Labour’s plans for the North Sea oil industry could cost 100,000 Scottish jobs.

Leading SNP politicians have repeatedly used the claim to attack Keir Starmer’s policy of increasing levies on, and abolishing tax incentives for, energy companies operating in the North Sea.

Earlier this week, John Swinney compared the potential impact of Labour’s pledges to deindustrialisation under Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s and claimed they could create an “industrial wasteland” in the north east of Scotland.

What did we dig up this week?
A round up of our investigations in the last seven days
Dark money, misinfo and the ‘culture wars’: our election coverage
With the general election just weeks away, politicians and political parties are scrambling to try and secure our votes.
Scots Reform candidates slammed for ‘liking’ conspiracy theorists’ posts
Reform candidates in Scotland have been slammed for ‘liking’ and engaging with social media posts from a holocaust denier and conspiracy promoters.
Claim Scotland to give back £450m in EU funding is Half True
Newspaper reports made claims about the Scottish Government failing to spend funding allocated to Scotland before the UK left the EU.
Alarm over 174 security breaches at Clyde nuclear bases
Two nuclear bomb bases on the Clyde recorded 174 security breaches over five years, according to information released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).
Claim that ‘using crack and heroin is permitted’ in Glasgow’s Govanhill is False
An image featured a poster put up on billboards in Glasgow, bearing city council logos and branding, claiming the “use of crack and heroin is permitted in this area”.
Sheku Bayoh: The inquiry podcast, ‘An unholy trinity’
Episode 8 of our award-nominated Sheku Bayoh: The Inquiry podcast examines the evidence heard on the independence of the police watchdog and the Crown.
For Fact's Sake
Our misinformation and fact-checking podcast

Election Cast: North Sea jobs, LEZ, Rishi's £2,000 tax claims

The For Fact's Sake Election Cast is here! It's our special weekly election podcast, looking at the misinformation, conspiracies and culture war flashpoints that are impacting the campaign.

For the first episode, Ali and Paul are looking at why the SNP were accused of misinformation for a claim about North Sea jobs.

We also tackle the conspiracy theories that have been connected to protests against low emissions zones (LEZ) in Scotland, and delve into the controversy aroound Rishi Sunak's claim that every working family would be £2,000 worse off under Labour's plans.

Question of the Week
Are you concerned about the impact of 'culture war' disinformation during the election?
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Best of the rest
Investigations we've enjoyed from around the world
Tory candidate features Farage on election leaflet
Conservative candidate Dame Andrea Jenkyns has defended her decision to feature a picture of Reform UK leader Nigel Farage on an election leaflet. (BBC News)
The Titan submersible disaster shocked the world. The inside story is more disturbing than anyone imagined
Leaked documents and interviews with ex-employees reveal the company allegedly cut corners and ignored warnings in the quest to reach the Titanic. (Wired)
Israel and Hamas have both committed war crimes since 7 October, says UN body
A UN investigation has accused Israel and Hamas of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity on and since 7 October. (Guardian)
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