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In this week's newsletter we're dropping the barbs and thinly-veiled sarcasm to promote our new project, It's Criminal.

Do you live in Glasgow and have experience of the criminal justice system? Do you work with or alongside the system? Are you part of a group often scapegoated for crime in the media?

If any of these apply to you, you'd be perfect for The Ferret's It's Criminal project, which creatively explores the subject of crime reporting and who it's for (and who it isn't). Our project will result in a theatre performance where participlants can share their stories.

Most work will take place from May to June 2023 and contributors will be paid. If you're interested, please fill in this form, or email us.
Story of the week
An in-depth look at a Ferret investigation
An Edinburgh property firm owned by landlord Mark Fortune has been ordered to make one of its flats “fit for human habitation” by carrying out extensive repairs.

In 2021, we revealed that more than 40 former tenants of Fortune had spoken out against the property tycoon, with most claiming they were subjected to squalid living conditions and not given their deposits back when staying at properties run by his companies.

Now, according to an enforcement order, Fortune’s Edinburgh Holiday and Party Lets (EHPL) firm must make window and roof repairs, gas and electric safety checks and install a carbon monoxide tester in one of its flats in the south of the city, by June.
What did we dig up this week?
A round up of our investigations in the last seven days
Salmon farm firm fined £800,000 after employee drowned
A salmon farming company has been fined £800,000 after an employee was crushed and drowned when he fell into the water during a boat transfer.
The golden hours: inquiry reveals on investigating Sheku Bayoh’s death
As the third hearing of the public inquiry into the death of Sheku Bayoh starts, The Ferret looks at the evidence heard about the investigation by police into his death.
Nuclear safety incidents on the Clyde leap by a third
The number of nuclear safety incidents recorded by the Ministry of Defence at Faslane and Coulport on the Clyde has rocketed by a third in a year.
Holyrood agency under fire over footpath photo blunder
A Scottish Government agency seemed to encourage people to “enjoy walks” along a famous footpath in Edinburgh that has been closed to the public since 2018.
Protesters target Abrdn AGM over fossil fuel investments
Green activists protested at the annual meeting of a prominent Edinburgh investment company over its alleged role in funding the climate crisis.
Claims about cost of royal family are Unsupported
Questions have been asked about the cost of the event and the monarchy in general, and whether it provides value for money.
Council to urge Scottish Government to boost community planning appeal rights
Edinburgh councillors have voted unanimously to give local communities more power to appeal planning decisions.
Scottish Government ‘committed’ to resisting NHS privatisation after public letter
The letter challenged Michael Matheson on the findings of The Ferret's recent GPs in Crisis investigation, and urged him to halt private sector in the NHS.
Question of the Week
Are you concerned about the role of the private sector in the NHS?
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Best of the rest
Investigations we've enjoyed from around the world
Piers Morgan knew of phone hacking when at the Mirror, high court hears
Barrister acting for Prince Harry and others says former editor must have known about illegal behaviour. (Guardian)
How Russia’s invasion transformed one Ukrainian city
Kharkiv’s location has shaped its identity as a geographical, historical, and linguistic borderland. But the war is reshaping Kharkiv’s identity, again. (Vox)
The fugitive princesses of Dubai
As the emirate’s ruler espoused gender equality, four royal women staked their lives on escaping his control. (New Yorker)
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